Epicursive Pro Includes 3 Fonts

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Epicursive Pro is handpainted with lots of personality and good vibes. This font comes with 2 sets of great dingbats to accentuate your words and embellish your logos. She looks marvelous over photos and is a charmer with illustrations. Perfect for Editorials, Book covers, Posters and Branding projects as well as Giftware items.

Employing OpenType magic, she includes Standard Ligatures, Discretionary Ligatures and healthy collection of Alternate Glyphs to customize your text.

¿Habla Espanol? No problema, Epicursive Pro supports all European languages.


  • Epicursive Script .otf file
  • Epicursive Dingbats .otf file
  • Dingbat Glyph Key Chart .pdf file
  • Astrological Dingbats.otf file